Sober boosts

On giving up drinking I have noticed that I have been getting these ‘sober boosts’.  Every 6-8 weeks or so I get an increase in the feeling of physical and emotional well-being from the increased length of time without a drink.  It reminded me of the development of babies and developmental leaps that they have.

So using this analogy (bear with me) when a baby is born it is expelled from a comfortable known warm place into an uncomfortable cold unknown world which is how it felt to me when I stopped drinking.

For the first 4-6 weeks of life a baby spends most of it’s time crying, sleeping and eating (oh and pooing and weeing).  Everything is very basic.  Well again that is how I felt in the early days.  Emotional, wanting to hide under the duvet and sleep, and eating everything in sight to replace the sugar that I was no longer getting from booze.

At 6-8 weeks babies have a developmental growth spurt and start to interact with their surroundings and you see their first smile.   They become able to briefly calm themselves.   This is when I experienced my first sober boost and I began to become more settled and happy with where I was and what I was doing.  My first pink cloud moment came after this 🙂

At 4 months again they have another developmental growth spurt and are able to smile spontaneously and  to cry in different ways to show hunger, pain or being tired.  When I had my second sober boost I noticed another period of developing my ability to differentiate my emotions and an increase in calmness about who I am and where I am going.

At 6 months (which will be me tomorrow!) they have another developmental boost  where they start to roll.  At this stage of the game I feel like I’m rocking and rolling 😉 the sobriety thing.  They also recognise their name and will turn to look at you.  Me too, I now recognise myself as a sober person and if you offered to buy me a beer I would turn and look at you oddly!  They also like playing peekaboo with partially hidden objects and I’m enjoying getting to know parts of myself that has been partially hidden by booze.

I am curious to see if this matching will continue and will let you know how I’m getting on at 9 months when babies have their next big developmental leaps.  Sober bloggers further on in their journey’s have shared that it gets better at these times so it looks like it might be so.

Comparing sobriety to being a baby may seem a little far-fetched but if you have drank for a long period of time then chances are you are learning everything anew.  You are learning how to be in the world without the crutch of alcohol which I found both terrifying in the beginning and exhilarating now.  I have absolutely no desire to go back to my old way of being and the groundhog day of hungover, thinking about drinking, drinking, drunk, another hangover.  Not drinking is a very small price to pay for the huge benefits I have experienced so far 🙂

18 thoughts on “Sober boosts

  1. Brilliant analogy! This makes sense to me and I can so relate to the developmental spurts you describe. Perhaps there is hope that I am finally going to grow up! Just as long as I can still be silly xxx

  2. Congratulations on your sobriety. This was an awesome comparison. I to am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, i have been clean and sober for 2 years and 8 months. If you have a chance you should look up my blog.

  3. This is actually quite a stroke of genius 🙂 Somehow, when I look at it this way, I can be kinder and gentler with myself. After all, who would berate an infant for being basic!

    1. Ginger!! How are you? I’ve been wondering how you were and if everything was okay. If this helps then great! So lovely to hear from you 🙂 xx

  4. Have suggested to a couple of people today that they should visit your blog. This is such a great post and I think it will give a lot of comfort and reassurance to people about what to expect. Hope they check it out xx

    1. Thanks Phoenix for reading and commenting. Glad you like and I’m looking forward to the toddler stage too – minus the toddler tantrums I hope 😉

  5. Well done on 6 months! good for you. Love the analogy. Its strange because I compare giving up alcohol to having children: you can be unsure about taking such a big step but see all these people who have done both before you and they all seem happy. They can’t all be wrong, but still it is a great leap of faith to make the change and join them, believing that life too will be better for you without wine, although you can’t imagine how before you give it up.
    Hope that makes sense!

    1. Hi Rachel and thank you. My nurse training and parenting experience showed up too but in a slightly different way! I love how us drinkers/sober folk simultaneously think the same but differently 🙂

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