Daily Archives: 21/03/2014

6 month sober-versary!

I can’t believe I’m here.  I never thought I could not drink for 6 months and feel so well.  The moments of missing booze are now fleeting and pass without angst.  This song and video expresses how I feel completely.  I used to think that I could only reach this place of nirvana after a skinful and now it is how I feel most of the time.  No need to spoil it with booze.  This is now my default setting not my only achieved after a bottle of wine state.

It’s not been an easy journey and the early days were tough but once you get through the gritty bits the potential for joy is endless.  This is why I started this journey and I am so glad that I did.


Edited to add: this is hilarious, but I emailed Belle and she told me that it was my day 180 yesterday!!  When I drank I always peaked a day too early (you know got over-excited and overdid it the night before insert celebration so felt god-awful on the actual night) and now I’m sober I peak a day late!?  😀