Daily Archives: 24/03/2014

First Dates

This is a UK tv programme run on C4 and which as the name suggests follows couples on first dates.

The episode I saw peaked my interest as one of the couples are described in the synopsis as:  Young party animal Devon is nervous too, and arrives in the bar needing a very large drink. Her dishy date, debonair Will, is teetotal, but there’s chemistry when they see past each other’s drink orders.

If you would like to watch the episode you can do so here (Will & Devon’s date starts at 33:30)


What was interesting about this was how the two of them related and talked to each other when she describes herself as a big drinker, who’s drank alcohol from the age of 13 and thinks that this is normal, and he’s 24 and never had a drop.  Plus it was great to see a young person who has never drunk alcohol and says he doesn’t need to drink to enjoy  himself! 🙂