‘Rain in My Heart’ Drinkers documentary

There was a discussion on Soberistas about this British BBC documentary which I had never heard of before and therefore not seen.

I watched it last night and it reminded me very much of my nursing days which I talked about here.  I also wrote a guest post for Veronica Valli that was my account of caring for a dying alcoholic that you can read here.

It was filmed in 2006 and is a hard-hitting, shocking and saddening account of the lives of 4 alcoholics during hospital admissions and relapse.  If you wanted an insight into my nursing experience then this is a very accurate and true reflection.

Here is the link to the documentary:

Why I am I sharing it here?  Because my nursing experience helps keep me on the recovery path.  Although as a drinker my alcohol consumption never reached this level or had this impact on my physical health I knew that this is where I would end up if I carried on.  It is a sobering ever present reminder to me and maybe it will help you stay on the path if you are wobbling or strengthen your resolve to stop if you haven’t yet.

6 thoughts on “‘Rain in My Heart’ Drinkers documentary

  1. This is gut-wrenching to watch, very disturbing and upsetting. I remember bits of it, presumably from when it came out in 2006. Part of me felt very distant from the people filmed – they were in such dire straights with alcohol, their situations so extreme – but then hearing the doctor talking about the patients he saw and how much they drank hit home: “I see people who drink 60, 70, 80 units a week, a 100 units and more…” I was at the lower end of that scale, but I was on it. Sometimes when I ask myself, was I really that bad? I need to remember that. How bad do you need it to get before you stop? Thanks for posting this. xx

    1. I know MTM and I was shocked when he said those amounts too because my experience was much higher numbers, between 150-300 units a week. Like you I was on the scale too. As Unpickled said you don’t need to be morbidly obese to decide to cut down on what you eat and it’s the same with drinking xx

  2. I saw this mentioned on soberistas just beofe I stopped, and watched it. I was up to a hundred units a week before I stopped, and I watched my sister die of alcoholic liver diasease, all very sobering) if you’ll pardon the pun) and scary.

    1. Hey ATS 🙂 I was up to those number of units a week too (and more) at my drinking peak. I’m sorry you had to watch your sister die of alcoholic liver disease. It is so painful to have to watch and be powerless to change it so thank you for sharing xx

  3. This is terrible – and scary
    I dont drink anything like this but i still need help because I dont want to drink at all but I still do

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