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Are you one of the thousands drinking too much?

This was the headline on the front of the East Anglian Daily Times this week-end.  Why am I interested?  Because I live in Suffolk and 9 months ago I would have been one of the statistics included in this latest report.

The news piece goes on to say:

More than 20,000 people in Suffolk are dependent on alcohol, while one in seven put themselves at risk by drinking up to 50 units a week, claims a new report.

It is estimated that the social and economic cost of excessive drinking in Suffolk is now £143 million – a combination of lost working days, the cost to the NHS, and crime.

The Suffolk Alcohol Strategy also reveals two increasing trends – that of people “pre-loading” on alcohol before a night out, and a rise in alcohol-related illnesses affecting older people.

Now the Suffolk Alcohol Strategy 2014-2022 is looking at ways of tackling the issue, aiming for an “enlightened” approach to it.

It has been compiled by the Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board, and chairman Joanna Spicer said the group was calling for a fresh look at the county’s relationship with alcohol.

She said: “This heralds a new, and what I believe to be a more enlightened approach to our collective relationship with alcohol as a county.

Sounds promising doesn’t it?  I hope so.  You can read the full article here

I hypothesised in a post here that 1 in 6 people in the UK have a drink problem and sadly this report shows that in my county I wasn’t far wrong.  There does seem to be a change afoot though with this being on the front of the leading regional paper.  Let’s hope it maintains momentum and gains some traction for my children’s sake 🙂