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Nick is not drinking

As part of a recent Independent news piece about key GP questions to aid identification of alcohol issues was a London Live discussion about Alcohol Abuse where they interviewed a panel including a journalist who has given up alcohol for the year.  It was an interesting discussion but I found myself becoming quite annoyed as Nick Wallis (said journalist) described not drinking as boring.  He’s writing a blog for the year recording his experience and this passage is taken from a recent entry:

The overriding sensation I have experienced through staying dry over the last six months is one of boredom. People said I would feel much better. I don’t feel any better. I don’t feel any worse. That’s what teetotalism does – iron out the extremes of experience so that the best you feel is okay, or possibly chipper.

He goes on to say:

I have to be careful here, because there are people reading this blog who have been through the mill with alcohol, and feeling “okay” or “chipper” is akin to a state of grace. If alcohol was such a problem that abstention is the only answer – more power to you.

Now I appreciate that this is his opinion but it feels really unhelpful.  If not drinking is viewed and expressed this way in the media then it runs counter to my experience and wouldn’t encourage me to even try it as an option if I heard it and was still drinking.

What’s your thoughts?

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