Daily Archives: 01/12/2014

Virtual sober life becoming real sober life

Meeting sober friends makes me silly with happiness

With a nod to Jesse from the Fast Show ‘this week I have mainly been meeting sober people in real life’ and it is magical! 🙂

Last Tuesday night I met Rachel in London for dinner for the first time.  She’s six months ahead of me on this sober recovery journey and if you haven’t read her blog I would really recommend it and you can find it here.  We’ve been in touch on email since the beginning of the year and it has been great having her as both support and help.  The night was too short and there was too much to say to fit it all in.  But the overriding feeling on leaving was one of connectedness and safety, to be able to be me and not hide anything and for that to be okay.  That ‘I’ was okay.  What a gift so thank you Rachel 🙂

And then yesterday I met Belle for the first time.  She has visited the UK before but I missed it by a whisker as I only found her blog the day after she’d been last time.  And not just Belle but some of the other lovely sober people I’ve met before such as Carrie and Primrose and some new people too from Team 100, 180 and 365!

And there’s more!  Tomorrow I meet another sober friend (or two) for coffee locally.  So more sober happiness and connection 🙂

And then here.  Thank you so much to all of you who have signed up to my Udemy online course and supported me in getting this new offering off of the ground.  All of these virtual people becoming real in my life.  I would not be here without you all and for that I am both grateful and thankful 🙂