Daily Archives: 26/03/2015

Veronica and I discuss (11) steps 6 & 7

What are character defects? Why do we need to get rid of them? We discuss how character defects such as fear and selfishness block us form becoming the best version of ourselves.

The full list of character defects are: selfishness, self-seeking, dishonesty and fear.  As Veronica says ‘this is the beginning of a shift in our perception’ because these four things are limiting to us and block our growth.

This is all about ‘if you love something let it go’ and being NATO – not attached to the outcome – two things I really struggle with and have to work very hard to manage invariably muttering the serenity prayer under my breathe at the time! 😉

Veronica Valli is an Addictions Therapist and the author of Why you drink and How to stop:http://www.amazon.com/Why-You-Drink-H…

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