600 days hangover free :)

As I hit 600 days hangover free I marvel that another 100 days have gone by!  It is so much easier now to mark off the calendar than those first 100 days that are hard fought.  Now difficult things can happen and the thought of drinking just doesn’t cross my mind.  Chocolate? Yes!  Booze?  No thanks 😉

When I was teaching my first ‘How to Quit Drinking’ workshop with Club Soda in London 6 days ago I said the reason I still count the day is not because I miss drinking but to remind myself how far I’ve come.  I also said that if you’d have told me 2 years ago that I would be teaching others how to stop drinking I’d have fallen off my chair laughing I was so embedded in my drinking ……. It is almost unbelievable to me.

600 days
600 days

I was talking to MrHOF today who’s gone away for the week-end.  I was telling him how I felt about him going away and how it had changed.  I explained that when I was drinking I loved him going away as I could drink without limits – no one was watching and keeping count.  After we stopped this was replaced by me hating him going away as I would be on my own with the kids and no booze to help me out.  Now I don’t feel anything apart from happiness that he’s getting to see his friends.  Me and the kids?  We’ll be fine – everything is so much calmer.

The more time goes on the more I realise how much of this journey is about emotional sobriety.  Putting down the drink is relatively easy, it’s staying stopped that’s more tricky.  Particularly if, like me, you’ve now worked out you’re a co-dependent.  Another legacy of growing up in a household of drinkers!

If you’re wondering what co-dependence looks like then this test will help (proceed with caution as may be triggery)

I scored 9 out of 9 so have a great deal of work to do on boundaries and self-worth but that’s okay.  If I hadn’t stopped drinking none of these realisations would have been made and I would have just handed down the same to my children.  This time it’s different and I couldn’t be more happy or pleased 🙂

If you’re reading this and feel scared about the prospect of stopping drinking, I was too.  But each day that I put between myself and my last drink the more my confidence grew and the fear subsided.  Believe me when I say, if I can do this so can you 🙂

PS Tommy Rosen’s fabulous Recovery2point0 conference begins in a month!  Over 50,000 from around the world will participate from June 12-18th, 2015.  And as always, the conference is online and FREE to attend for everyone!

Recovery 2.0 is a global movement and community of people who embrace a holistic approach to recovery from all addiction.  His online conferences shares teachings on the power of yoga, meditation, 12 Steps, other spiritual programs, healthy relationships with people, food, money and the identification of one’s purpose and mission in life.

See More Here

I’ll be looking forward to Gabor Mate, Johann Hari, Gabrielle Bernstein and Nikki Myers 🙂


33 thoughts on “600 days hangover free :)

  1. a post packed full of good things Lou like a Graze snack box 😉 but first of all enormous congratulations on your 600 days. it’s so good to have you here!

    that co-dependent test was wobbly making so thanks for the warning… I’m not quite as high a score as you registered but am definitely on the spectrum. it’s pretty damn wonderful that we can interrupt this pattern and pass an emotionally sober structure on to our kids. caught not taught as previously remarked! big love from me xxx

    1. Thanks lovely Prim 🙂 New film alert!! My kids are talking about this film called ‘Inside Out’ which sounds like one I could benefit from too? ‘After a girl moves to a new home, her emotions are plunged into chaos as they compete for control of her mind.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr3tv1hW1gg 😀 xx

  2. Congrats on your 600 days! 🙂 I am happy for you. 🙂

    Thank you for the video. I score high there. :-/ Things are changing though, sobriety first means that I need to learn to say no. No pun intended but yes, to learn what to let in and what to keep out. What to do and what not to do.

    Thanks for the headsup on the Recovery 2.0, I would think that is a yearly thing but is this half yearly?

    xx, Feeling

    1. Thanks feeling 🙂 Boundaries and where we draw them are important for all of us and I struggle with this too but like addiction recognising this is the first step. Tommy Rosen’s Recovery 2.0 runs 6 monthly twice a year xx

  3. Great post and so much to be getting on with – thank you so much for the info about the conference, which will be amazing. Huge congrats for 600 days, as you know I am on a similar timescale and it is a source of great strength to me to know you are around, working so hard to help others, and making such an impact on the health and wellbeing of people, so inspiring, thank you Lou xxx

    1. Thanks Binks 🙂 Tommy’s conference is well worth checking out and I’ve watched new and different speakers every time. We’re all helping and supporting each other lovely and what you do is equally inspiring and important xx

    1. Hey Sharon 🙂 Thanks – does a cinnamon danish followed by an almond croissant count?! 😉

  4. Happy 600 days Lovely Lou 😀 I just signed up for the conference–so excited! xx

  5. Lou! SoberSuperStar! 600 days is wonderful!
    And thank you for this post. Having scored 9/9 too, I think I have some work to do…
    Enjoy your cake today (you are having cake, right?!) xxx

    1. Thank you Bea 🙂 Oh yes there will be sweet sugary confections 😉 xx

  6. Congratulations, Lou!! Keep on keeping on! And thanks for the video. Boundaries — what a concept. I never thought about them when I was trying to drink away my resentments. Now they’re an important part of my sobriety tool kit! Some people in my life seem to be having a hard time accepting them, but all I can do is deal with my issues and let them take care of their own. The thing I like best about sobriety is learning how to deal with life as it is, not as I wish it could be. And life is actually pretty good!

    1. Hey Julie! Thanks for the congrats and yep boundaries – who knew?! Happy to hear that life is treating you well and that things are good 🙂 xx

  7. Dear Lucy,
    I feel the same way about counting days!!
    You are so right when you say, its really about emotional sobriety.
    Thank you for teaching us!!

  8. Slightly freaked out by that video! Was a bit close to the bone for me.
    Big congrats on your 600 days!! Just awesome 🙂 Sending you lots of sober love 🙂

  9. Wow – 600 days is fantastic . I am now counting the days which I have not done before and it’s great to see how far I have come . I am still on a high after attending your fantastic workshop last week . It has completely changed the way I think about booze.
    You’re a star ! May x

    1. Hey May 🙂 Thank you so much for coming to the workshop. By this time next week you’ll be over 100 days!! *waves sober pom poms* Keep going and we’ll speak soon xx

  10. Well done on 600 days Lou, that is wonderful. Looking forward to our coffee on Mon. I think cakes might be in order x

  11. Didn’t want to let this go past without a well done! Am catching up on admin so am a bit late….

    Amazing. You are my inspiration xx

  12. Congratulations on 600 days – amazing. And thank you for all you do to help others along the way. Your blog along with others has helped me so much the past year. I very much appreciate that there are people out there in the online world who write so well and provide inspiration for those of us who are readers rather than writers!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog Manda. We’d be nothing without all of you out there reading this 🙂

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