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Sober Sex

sober sex

So thanks to Laura over at Club Soda for sending this to me 🙂  The language is ripe so be warned!

I was really laughing up until the last 5 seconds where it let itself down …. but it’s still worth sharing.

Sex is a subject that we don’t talk about much out here in the sober blogosphere (and here’s my one and only post about it here) but as you can see this short video has had over 28 million views since it was posted in the summer of 2012.  That’s a lot of views!!

That said I would have rather talked about my sex life to you than the truth about my drinking before I stopped so there is some shared awkwardness and shame around these two subjects in an ‘elephant in the room’ kind of way.

Laura tells me they have an intimacy therapist doing some sessions for Club Soda in the not too distant future which sounds interesting if anyone is worried about this element of sober living 😉