Using hypnosis for quitting drinking

This is not something I have used personally but I did attend a hypnotist to help me quit smoking many years ago and it did work for a bit.  The ladies over at Mumsnet have used it and shared that they found it really helpful especially with craving management so if they say it’s worth a shot then it gets my vote.  You can never have too many tools in your sober tool box right?


As is often the case it is Youtube that offers this video for free so if you’re wanting to try using hypnosis for quitting drinking this is the one that was recommended called: Complete Stop Drinking Alcohol Self Hypnosis Session

It gets lots of positive comments underneath so I think it is worth using as part of your moderation or quit attempt.  As I stopped 21 months ago I’m not sure there is much value in me watching it and telling you what I think but if you’d like to be a human guinea pig and trial it for me and let me know in the comments or by email at a then please do!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Using hypnosis for quitting drinking

  1. Ghegheghe… I have played the vid for about a minute but I have difficulty listening to him, like he drags my conciousness to a place where I currently do not want to go. And possibly I don’t like to be dragged in itself. So yes, I think he has skills but my instinct says no. I’m guessing there is a trust thing involved aswell, not my strongest developped part. I’m sticking to my alcohol Top Training – the desensitization game, which btw had just ended so I guess I’ll have to request a new login. I still do it when I think I might, if I continue the path I am on, somewhere in the future be getting close to the boundery I set around the still open door to Lalaland. That would be once every 3 weeks? In practise it keeps me from having urges or cravings (none at all) and thinking that alcohol would be a good solution to anything. I’m up for a video conference to talk you through the Dutch entry part of the training of it if you like?
    xx, Feeling

    1. Would love to chat Feeling 🙂 Whatever works for you missus and if desensitisation training does then fab!

  2. I’m on day 4. What is desensitization training? I need all I can get.

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