Daily Archives: 16/08/2015

The fizz of life

pj champagne bucket

So we’ve been decluttering while moving house and as part of that process we’ve been selling much of our drinking paraphernalia – such as this Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Champagne Bucket.  We know we won’t be using this again so time to release it on to someone who will.  I used to love the beautiful Art Nouveau anemones adorning the Belle Epoque bottle.  I wasn’t the only one it would seem and it’s amazing how much these change hands for!

fizz bubbles

And it got me thinking about fizz.  We drink AF fizz these days but it doesn’t feel as needed as much now as it did in the early days of stopping.  Now it feels like we celebrate with the fizz of life.  What do I mean by this?  Tian Dayton on innerlook.com describes it like this:

take a moment to come up with a good feeling….then milk it, stay with it….and let it go….do this throughout your day…..take a feel good moment…..feel it, breathe it in and out a few times….then release it!

The way she expresses it reminds me of bubbles rising up within a glass of fizz.  But how much more accessible to conjure up a positive feeling, celebrate it and then let it go as it rises upwards through you.  It reminds me of the headspace meditations I’m doing too in the creativity pack.  In fact this post appeared in one of those moments of letting my mind be free after focusing on the breath.  Letting the bubbles of creativity rise from out of my mind.  How much better it feels to be able to rely on myself to create those moments of joy internally then to need to reach for something externally to fulfill that need.  I think I might be learning some of the lessons required to recover from co-dependency at long last 🙂  Now that’s a cause to celebrate!!

PS There is a recovery festival taking place in Bristol in September and you can find more details here.  I’d love to go but I’m at another recovery celebration closer to home! If anyone does go then please let me know how you found it 🙂