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Children as young as 10 are being caught binge drinking

This was covered by ITV’s Good Morning Britain in July.

Image from Daily Mail news story in 2010 showing amount that some 15 year olds drank

According to Department of Health statistics, one in five young people between 11 and 15 drinks more than 600 units a year (Daily Mail, 2010)

A leading charity is warning parents to look out for the signs of youth drinking as those abusing alcohol are becoming younger and drinking more. Although statistics suggest fewer young people are experimenting with drink – those that do are starting at an earlier age and drinking more heavily – risking their health and safety.

Police are warning parents of the damage alcohol can do to child’s body after it’s emerged children as young as 10 are being caught binge drinking. Figures show British children are more likely to have binge drunk or been drunk compared to children in most other European countries.

The UK continues to rank among countries with the highest levels of alcohol consumption by those who do drink. Figures released show that the North East has a higher proportion of young drinkers than anywhere else in the country and also has the highest rate of young people admitted to hospital with alcohol-related conditions over the past five years.

In 2014, 38 percent of 11 to 15 year olds had tried alcohol at least once.

GMB speaks to Nicola, who was 13 when she started drinking – click link to watch interview

“There was just nothing else to do”  – Nicola on why she started drinking aged 13.

So although we know that the numbers of young drinking are declining it would seem that those that are drinking are drinking more.  This is a worrying trend and children drinking from the age of 10 is a horrifying thought as physically their livers are not designed to process such toxins and developmentally they are at increased risk too.

Edited to add: 27/10/15

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