Alcohol Demotivator

I really like this!  It comes from Abbeycare, an addictions and treatment centre near me in Newmarket.

It’s called their alcohol demotivator and this is a screen grab of my results:

alcohol demotivator 1




alcohol motivator 2




So when you go to the page here it asks you:

Get Demotivated… What Will Your Next Drink Really Cost?

There is a sentence underneath that says: I drink around [drop down boxes] wine; beer/cider; spirits per day which you fill in

For the above results I put 6 glasses of wine (which is about a bottle depending on your pour and size of glass!) but you can specify number of bottles instead

Then it asks you to specify your gender

And then a button appears saying ‘Demotivate Me!’ which when you press gives you the above screen shot calculation so:

  • Your intake
  • Your risk level
  • Your spend both in a month and annually
  • Then the health impact so firstly stroke risk rate
  • Then liver cirrhosis risk rate
  • Then car accident risk rate
  • And finally upper gastro-intestinal cancer risk rate

You can then print it off and put it somewhere prominent to deter you from pouring your next glass and there is a quick referral email option so you can start talking to a counsellor immediately if you’d like 🙂

Fantastic stuff and would have scared me witless if I’d found it and been honest in my answering the questions.  Maybe it’ll help you with a reality check if you find this and are still drinking?

If you’d like more information here is their brochure too:

PS This is not the local drug and alcohol treatment centre for which I volunteer.  I volunteer at a splendid organisation called Focus12 in Bury St Edmunds and if you would like to make inquiries to them you can do so at  I am not paid to promote either organisation!

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  1. I like it 🙂 I’m so glad to see more online information becoming available. I think it will be very helpful for someone who is afraid to take that first step towards getting help. xx

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