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Kenyan ‘killer brew’ addicts losing both alcohol and private parts

This was a news feature on the BBC website in July looking at the issue of drinking in Kenya.  Locally in Kenya it is called ‘killer brew’ because of it’s potency as a home-brew.

kenya's killer brew




Authorities in Kenya are cracking down on illicitly brewed alcohol following a recent spate of deaths.

Homemade alcohol, sometimes called “killer brew”, is popular among poorer Kenyans in central parts of the country.

Addiction is having a devastating impact on many communities and, as BBC Pop Up discovered, some wives have been driven to desperate measures.

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Local communities are being destroyed by the men’s addiction to this cheap and potent illegal home brew which the govt are tracking down and destroying.  In desperation Kenyan wives are resorting to cutting off their husbands genitalia because of their drinking induced impotence.  A Kenyan businessman has responded to this by producing metal protective belts for men to wear that resemble a chastity belt.

This may seem like a joke but for these communities alcohol is causing devastation and this is how they have responded.  The Kenyan women just want alcohol gone and celebrate at its destruction when burned.

Kenyan authorities have now stepped in to try to resolve the growing problem and the BBC reports that:

There has been a massive crackdown on the sale and consumption of illegal alcohol in Kenya over the past month.

For the thousands who struggle with alcohol abuse, they can now receive help at central Kenya’s football stadium, which has been converted into a rehab centre.

The BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza has been along – some of the names in his report have been changed to protect people’s identities.

Kenya football stadium tackles alcohol abuse