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Learning and development

A website new to me was recently bought to my attention called FEAD, the Film Exchange on Drugs and Alcohol.  It featured a conference that happened earlier this year:
NDSAG 2015

Addicted to Recovery: New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group Annual Conference – 21st & 22nd May 2015
In the 1970’s the New Directions group took on the concept of “Alcoholism”. Their pioneering critiques of the “disease model” and its successors have informed developments in alcohol treatment for nearly 50 years.In 2015 New Directions explores “Recovery”. Against a background of vested interests scrabbling to claim it for themselves, we will examine the origins of “Recovery” and consider the future for the concept.
Our 39th Annual Conference featured two distinct one day symposiums covering current research and practice in the field of alcohol intervention.
The presentation line up was interesting and challenging:
His opening slides considered 5 models:
  1. Disease
  2. Choice
  3. Social construction of addiction
  4. Traumatic early history which calls for self-medication
  5. Learning model

He argues that addiction is a learning and development issue.  That we need to learn to value long term fulfillment over immediate gratification.  This is known in pscyhology as temporal discounting or as he called it the ‘now’ appeal.  It’s well worth watching if you’d like to extend your learning and development 😉

I’m also intrigued by Alistair Sinclair’s and if there is anything to share I will in another post!