Daily Archives: 30/11/2015

Sober Advent Calendar

So it is that time of year again when not drinking can get more tricky than usual.  Christmas parties, drinks with friends, the excuses to have a tipple can seem endless as we crank up our Christmas cheer!  It is the most booze soaked month of the year to contend with and I always feel like I have to gird my loins a bit.

A Royal Hangover

Plus I am aware that my blog can sometimes feel a little lacking in Christmas cheer because of its somewhat sobering content so there will be no doom and gloom news stories or research till we’re nursing hangovers or polishing our sober halos come Boxing Day morning.  I’ll save most of them up for January when we’ve all got our hair shirts back on! 😉

So with that in mind I’ve enlisted the help of the lovely Arthur and Gabrielle from A Royal Hangover to give us a sober advent calendar to remember!  If you haven’t watched their brilliant documentary film yet maybe it could go on your list for Santa? 😀  You can find it on iTunes here.

For the next 24 days there will be no written content from me.  As if you were opening up the window of an advent calendar you will find an image and quote from someone male or female (who is probably quite famous) but more importantly is also one of our sober brethren.

When the going gets tough the tough get going and these daily reminders will hopefully help you stay strong by remembering that you are not alone and that you are standing besides giants in your quest to do and be different which makes you a sober star in my book 🙂

PS Day 800 …….

Holy sh*t – how did that happen?! Seriously if I can get to 800 days so can you.

Edited to add:  To accompany your daily sober advent calendar can I recommend visiting Prim’s blog to collect your AF cocktail each day too 🙂