SURE: Substance Use Recovery Evaluator

KCLThe Substance Use Recovery Evaluator (SURE) is a psychometrically valid, quick and easy-to-complete outcome measure of recovery from drug and alcohol dependence. It has been developed with unprecedented input from people in recovery by Kings College London.

Here’s what it says about SURE on their website:

It can be used alongside, or instead of, existing outcome tools.

  • ‘SURE’ measures recovery from drug and alcohol dependence
  • ‘SURE’ is completed by people in recovery (not by clinicians, researchers or others)
  • ‘SURE’ has good face and content validity, acceptability and usability for people in recovery
  • SURE’ comprises 21 items (5 factors) and is psychometrically valid, quick and easy-to-complete
  • ‘SURE’ can be used by individuals in private or in a therapeutic context

How to score SURE

Scoring of SURE is simple. There are 21 questions and each question scores 1, 2 or 3. This means it is possible to score between 21 and 63.

For questions numbered 1-3

  • Never = 3
  • On 1 or 2 days = 3
  • On 3 or 4 days = 2
  • On 5 or 6 days = 1
  • Every day = 1

For questions numbered 4-21

  • All of the time = 3
  • Most of the time = 3
  • A fair amount of the time = 2
  • A little of the time = 1
  • None of the time = 1

Section C is not scored, but allows people to think through their own priorities in recover


They state that “if you wish to obtain a commercial copyright licence for this measure, then please contact King’s College London’s IP& Licensing Team:” 

Copyright © 2016 King’s College London

Looks really good!  Thank you Kings College London 🙂

Edited to add: Thanks to feeling for the reminder to put a shout out for Tommy Rosen’s 7th Recovery 2.0 Online Conference which is free and begins tomorrow at 6am Pacific Time!  I’m all signed up – are you?

Here’s the link to feeling’s blog which shares Tommy’s link 🙂

4 thoughts on “SURE: Substance Use Recovery Evaluator

  1. Hi Louise,
    Thank you for linking to my blog.
    And yes, this SURE test is a good! Even though I hit 2 years of sobriety last months I feel like I am not doing all the stuff I should be doing and yes, this SURE test shows exactly where my weak points are. Happy about the test, going to take some time for me to be happy about the results too ;-). Work in progress.
    Thank you for another interesting way of looking at addiction and recovery.
    xx, Feeling

    1. You’re welcome feeling – thank you for the reminder to spread the sober love! 🙂 Happy that the SURE test and your results were helpful! xx

  2. Hi Lucy

    I cannot get that link to work. It’s really frustrating. I’ve tried from the Kings College website too. I am dying to see it and check my score! Tori xx

    1. Hey Tori 🙂 Sadly I suspect they’ve taken the link down to stop copyright infringement. Don’t know what else to suggest sorry 🙁 Lou xx

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