Sober Inspiration: You are good enough

Words of wisdom fromΒ  Marie Forleo and Colleen Saidman Yee and The School of Life. You are enough and good enough πŸ™‚




Just sit. Notice where you feel hard and sit with that.
In the middle of the hardness, you’ll find anger, sit with that.
Go to the center of the anger and you’ll probably come to sadness.
Stay with the sadness until it comes to vulnerability.
Keep sitting with what comes up: the deeper you dig, the more tender you become.
Raw fear can open into the wide expanse of genuineness, compassion, gratitude, and acceptance in the present moment.
A tender heart appears naturally when you are able to stay present. From your heart, you can see the true pigment of the sky.
You can see the vibrant yellow of the sunflower and the deep color of your daughters’s eye.
A tender heart doesn’t block out rain clouds, or tears or dying sunflowers. Allow both beauty and sadness to touch you. This love, not fear.

(meditation from Colleen Saidman Yee)

High ambitions are noble and important, but there can also come a point when they become the sources of terrible trouble and unnecessary panic.

One way of undercutting our more reckless ideals and perfectionism was pioneered by a British psychoanalyst called Donald Winnicott in the 1950s.Β  The concept of β€˜good enough’ was invented as an escape from dangerous ideals. It began in relation to parenthood, but it can be applied across life more generally, especially around work and love.

It takes a good deal of bravery and skill to keep even a very ordinary life going. To persevere through the challenges of love, work and children is quietly heroic. We should perhaps more often sometimes step back in order to acknowledge in a non-starry-eyed but very real way that our lives are good enough – and that this is, in itself, already a very grand achievement.

(text from Book of Life)

You Do Enough, You Have Enough, You Are Enough

Happy sober Friday xx

4 thoughts on “Sober Inspiration: You are good enough

  1. Beautiful post, thank you. πŸ™‚ Still, a difficult lesson for me to learn.

    Perfectionism, to me an answer to experiencing shame and the feeling of not being good enough. “But if I’m perfect, they must love me.” πŸ™

    Finding at my work that it is actually the other way around, my perfectionism is driving people crazy, the result of good work turns some people jealous and against me. But mostly my striving tires people. It is a strange trait, perfectionism, mostly counter productive, well, as is anything outside the 2 sigma area of life. πŸ™

    I’m thinking now, if I would treat perfectionism as an addiction, maybe….. I could just quit it. Ha! NEW! πŸ™‚

    xx, Feeling

    1. I think many of us struggle with perfectionism and not feeling good enough Feeling so you are not alone in this πŸ™‚ Am struggling with that very thing myself today xx

  2. Hard for so many people!
    Myself included.
    I am better at loving myself as I am, but there are still times I feel not good enough.
    It is brave to live an ordinary life, because really, just living is extraordinary!

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