Xmas Sober Jukebox (Wish you were here)







Don’t think she’s sober but I love the quote! Merry Xmas from all the HOF clan! 🙂

If you’re needing some advice to get you through today then Hannah Bett’s wise words will be the perfect (non-alcoholic) tonic 😉

A teetotaller’s guide to drinking less alcohol this Christmas (and why dry Yule is best)

And if you are a child or young person reading this who are struggling with parental drinking concerns then check out the support at Nacoa including their #AdventCare messages.  They are there today and every day over Xmas & New Year between 12 – 6 pm if you need to speak to someone: Free Helpline: 0800 3583456 & helpline@nacoa.org.uk

David Bowie RIP – sober hero since the late 70’s when he was given custody of his son

Wish you were here ……

7 thoughts on “Xmas Sober Jukebox (Wish you were here)

  1. Merry Christmas, Lou! Love the videos. Sending you good wishes and gratitude this holiday season. 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas, Lou! My third sober one, and the best one ever.
    I just learned to let people be themselves, and I was happy just being me!
    Although I can’t hear the music, I love your messages, and I wish you peace this new year!

    1. It gets better every year doesn’t it Wendy? Just imagine when we’re 10 years sober! 🙂 xx

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