6 thoughts on “Friday Sober Jukebox: Heroes/Let’s Dance

  1. Wot?!! Flying already? Ooooh! Wishing you all a very good flight and a wonderful life in your new country. I hope you all settle well. <3 <3 <3
    Love to hear how you fair.
    xx, Feeling

  2. ooh, you’re having an adventure! How exciting for you, hope life is amazing for you in Oz!

    I have been mentally compiling a ‘sober jukebox’ for the last…well…forever really! Music is such a big part of my life, played a huge part in my partying and drinking, but has also been a massive catalyst for my recovery. Queens of the Stone Age triggered a breakdown that led me to recovery (http://balanceandbreathe.co.uk/queens-stone-age-helped-recovery/), and George Harrison has always been my guiding light that also showed me the path to sobriety long before I knew I needed it! (https://journal.thriveglobal.com/beatle-guide-spiritual-path-recovery-2e2369241a3e)

    I adore Bowie, and Pink Floyd, I see we have some musical tastes in common…I went to the Pink Floyd exhibiton in the Victoria and Albert museum in London last year, cried twice, it was so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Esther for sharing your musical inspirations and good wishes πŸ™‚

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